Ideal Houseware Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of baby items & cleaning items. We carry over more than 3000 items in categories, and export to all around the world. Our warehouse is more than 1000 square meters, which is very near the seaport of Guangzhou, and it is ready to provide the best services. Our company works with the best trucking companies to achieve the best service with the lowest rate to you, your merchandise will be delivered to your warehouse or your container, and if in Guangzhou it is free of charge. We can receive your merchandise form other companies and consolidate it in the container with no extra charge. Our company has registered as an import & export company in China, we import the raw material directly from overseas and export directly to all around the world. Our professional staff and many years of experience have enabled us to provide outstanding services to all customers.
Our own factory is more than 10000 square meters, located in Nanhai city, which is specialized in baby items and cleaning items. Our professional technician, designer, administrator; advanced injection machines, blowing machines, injection-blowing machines, printing machines; hygienic workshop; all this have enabled us to provide the best quality merchandise in the market at the lowest prices possible.
The main members from the office of Yucheng Babyware Co,.Ltd
We do the job with our sweetest smile every day. And here is our motto: We are an effective team! We can do all the things well with our joint efforts! There are only teams that don’t know how to work.? Before entering the workshops, every one need wear appointed clothes & shoes & hat, wash & dry hands, and accept the air shower.
The production line of our factory:
In the room of air shower, all the staff and workers need have an air shower by the 360° wind and make the whole body sanitized by ozone and ultraviolet radiation. Till now, people can go into the workshops..
In the blow-molding workshop, which is also fully closed and cleaned by the air conditioner, all the workers are carefully operating the machines and inspecting the products. In the blow-molding workshop, there are several types of machines. They can manufacture products made of different materials and under specified requirements, which meet customers’ requirements in various aspects.
Our worker is operating the 2-step blow-molding machine for PP bottles. Owing to the well-mastered technic and advanced managing mode, from the nipple workshop, which is fully-closed and cleaned by the air-conditioner, nipples with different specifications are manufactured to make our products popular among customers home and abroad
The workers are perforating the nipples.